What Students Say

Students’ testimonials.

The online textbook is very effective. From my experience, this type of textbook is the most effective way to learn a language in the age of online learning.

The artwork and voice acting are superb and engaging. I loved getting to know the various characters, who all have distinct personalities. The course really focuses on building skills for real–life conversations.

This textbook is life changing and it was a vital part of my education as it allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the language. Going to class everyday was extremely enjoyable.

Having to work in the target language every day helped me make big strides in the language. I’ve taken 1v1 lessons in Croatian before, but this was far and away the best thing I have done for my fluency beyond just being in Croatia.

I like the organization of the textbook. I also like the way tests are formatted and enjoy when we’re able to have full class conversations in the target language, it’s a system that works really well for real–world application as opposed to the way some other language classes format things.

The structure of the textbook really focuses on familiarizing students with as much useful content as possible, focusing on the most important aspects of culture, grammar, and vocabulary. I don’t think I’ve ever been able to have basic conversations in any language I’ve learned this quickly.

Verbal exams! In most language classes, spoken comprehension is often left behind because the students are mostly studying for a written exam. The fact that these exams are verbal pushes me to practice my speaking, which is the most important aspect (in my opinion) of language.

The online textbook is an impressive resource for language learning! Dialogues and presentations were challenging, but very effective for learning the material. The course organization was very logical, and character driven dialogue recordings were helpful and entertaining.