Textbook Characters

Intro paragraph:

Laura S. Lopez

Laura is a graduate student from San Francisco, California. A very communicative and artistically talented. She is interested in everything connected to the visual arts, so much so that she’s constantly searching for new challenges so that she might build her artist portfolio. Cheerful and stubbornly optimistic. She is a very thorough student, although she often wanders off with topics she’s interested in and neglects her other duties. She adores the cultural contrast that Europe offers. She never actively thought about sports, although she often reluctantly admits that she should lose a few pounds. She believes it’s not fair that she stayed relatively short in height. She’s very neat and careful, she makes friends very easily and tries to give everyone her equal attention. Because of her natural curiosity, she is likable to most of the people with which she comes into contact. Her confidence often varies between very high to excessively low. She slowly has become aware that she will fight with this for her whole life, like any real artist. In regards to music she generally loves pop, techno, rap and a variety of combinations of those genres.

Davor Horvat

Short in stature, but broad shouldered. He lost his hair early, but he makes up for it with a huge beard with which he jokes that his hair went on a “southern holiday”. Confident, opinionated and cheerful, he is sturdy and constantly in a good mood. Davor is a typical kid from the “big city”, urban and without much taste. He adores sport and is very active. He can’t stand still and is always in motion. His friends always wonder what kind of drive he runs on. He is a good student. His friendships are sturdy and personalities and interests different from his own do not bother him. He is equally ok with people ranging from the super alternative scene to total beauty queens and kings. He has a weakness for pretty girls, and believes that they want him. He does not follow music closely; he listens to what he likes, whether it’s something like turbofolk or obscure alternative.

Mario Kovačević

The incarnation of a techy STEM guy. Heavy metal, computing, cyber space, “have you heard of crypto” etc. If he could, he would prefer to ascend into a form of artificial intelligence so that way he’d never have to eat again. He tells others that, but deep down in his soul he knows he couldn’t go on without cake. Tall and thin despite swallowing loads of food because he “has a black hole in his stomach.” Mario is absolutely not interested in fashion, he adores his brown shirts of which he has a myriad. If it weren’t for the constant nagging of his friends, he would always buy the same shoes. Clever, sometimes tactless, and cheap, but in essence he is honest and benevolent. He would never admit it out loud, but he very much loves and appreciates his friends. The only thing he actively takes care of is his long, silky hair. Only the most expensive hair products go into it, and he always reads over the ingredients to the letter to make sure some nasty sulfite doesn’t ruin its incredible shine.

Sandra Jerković

Skinny, minute and physically frail. Fearful of the sun, friends often call her a vampire. Very mentally sharp, precise and intelligent. She does not have a tolerance for stupidity, so much so that she gets angry and discusses everything that is not to her liking, and often people call her “frowny face”. She has a hard time making friends, but the few she does have she holds as sacred. Those who know her deeper see her as an exceptionally high-quality person on whom you can always rely on. Often her colleagues of the opposite sex like her, which gets on her nerves because she’s searching for Mr. Perfect. She is an excellent student who performs all her duties ‘by the book’. She adores selecting quality clothes and finding ideal fashion combinations. She is excessively meticulous and neat. A top-notch listener and quite talented in all types of music. She relaxes through playing the piano. Before all else she listens to classical music, although she also likes various contemporary genres.

James C. Williams

James is a graduate student from Austin, Texas. He is curious and perceptive. Poised and emotional. He loves adventure, constantly balancing between the intellectual and physical, and in general is good at everything he invests time in. He is a natural athlete for whom sports are relatively boring. He is talented in photography, a medium he uses often to record his travels even if he’s just going to local shops. Foreign cultures inspire him, which he studies thoroughly. He loves urban life with a constant dose of nature. Downtown Split is made for his rhythm. He walks, climbs, searches every nook that offers an interesting perspective. His trademark is unusual colored hair which does not give a special statement, he just loves how it looks. Why be boring when you can literally be blue? For music he prefers jazz, the classics inspire him and he really appreciates classic rock. He’s played guitar since childhood.

Ines Antunović

Cheerful, lively, quirky and often chaotic. For her definitely goes the old saying “big things come in small packages”. The fiery orange curls of her hair capture her essence. She adores going to concerts, but she doesn’t love the fact that she must always claw her way to a good view. She has a sense for aesthetics, unusual clothes and jewelry are her trademark, as well as bright colors. Mobile and nimble, but also forgetful and lazy. She’s very quick to fall in love. She absorbs knowledge exceptionally fast, although she is a procrastinator who gets things done eventually. The only exception is her appearance, which she meticulously prepares well in advance. Emotional and empathetic, despite her faults she sacrifices herself for friends when needed and not needed. On the other hand, she drives these same friends crazy with her eternal delays. She loves techno, synthpop and trap, and regional Balkan hits sneak in from time to time.

Matija Radić

Good student, precise, correct and thorough, at least when she has the energy. Forever discussing on internet forums. In theory she is very liberal and tries to be on the brink of provocation, but in practice (especially in personal life) does not want complications – she loves to philosophize and discuss, although she tries to make her life as simple and calm as possible. Often melancholic, nostalgic and sensitive from time to time. Although she is solidly built, sports are something she avoids as much as possible. Repetitive actions are boring to her, and why sweat if there is no need to? She is always dealing with extra pounds, and instead of blood coffee flows through her veins. She adores all of her friends and is very careful that no one is offended. She doesn’t conform to designer fashion trends. She’d rather wear cargo pants and her favorite band t-shirts. Her soul is an old rocker with a touch of punk.

Luka Petrić

It would be the simplest to describe him as the typical Dalmatian dude. He is tall, he loves the sun, beach, picigin and the local football team Hajduk. To show his dedication to Hajduk, he is a die-hard Torcida fan club member, which does not mean that he isn’t polite – quite the opposite! He adores communicating with foreigners and considers how tourism brings more good than problems and he is stubborn in his opinions, he thinks it’s his way or the highway. He is organized and loves to keep everything under control – from his grades to physique. Unfortunately his esthetics are not his strong point, so his fashion statements are generally defined as clichés; sweaters, tracksuits, sneakers, and cool colors. Blue is his favorite color, although he tries to avoid associating with a football club from the north. He is young so everything’s fine. His music taste is on the level of fashion; everything that young people love.